General Information

Residents are permitted to have guests with the approval of their roommate(s). The max number of guests a resident can check in is 3, with the exception of family members. Hosting guests is a privilege, not a right. Residents are always responsible for their guests.

Guests to a Residence Hall are considered anyone who does not reside in that building. Residents who live on campus, but are visiting residents in another building are considered guests and must sign in at the information desk upon entry.

All guests must agree to abide by University Housing policies.

  • The host of the guest is responsible for the behavior of his/her guest at all times.
  • All guests must have their guest pass on them at all times.
  • If the guest is a Lawrence Tech student, he/she may also face disciplinary action.
  • The Office of University Housing staff and Campus Safety reserve the right to prohibit any guest from entering a residence hall for any reason.
  • Having more than ten (10) persons in any room at one time is prohibited.

The host must receive permission from his/her roommate(s) in order for a guest to stay overnight.

 If University Housing staff notices a resident having excessive amounts or guests or guests for an excessive amount of time, we reserve the right to assess the situation and inquire with the resident of the building and/or the guest.

Overnight Stay

Guests may not stay more than three (3) consecutive nights or exceed a total of 15 nights total for all guests per semester.

Guests must carry valid identification at all times, either a state ID or a current Lawrence Tech ID Card and Guest Card. No other forms of identification are valid. If a guest does not have a valid form of identification, he/she will be escorted out of the residence hall.

Guests may not be given a room key, University ID card, or proxy card.

Guests must check in at the desk.

Guests Under 17

Guests 17 and under are not permitted to stay the night in the residence halls unless prior approval is granted by the Director of Residence Life or designee.

These guests must be accompanied by the host resident at all times.