Guest Policy and Check In Form Link

University Housing residents are permitted to bring guests into the residence halls, and are required to check in their guests. Residents are allowed to host a maximum of 3 guests, with the exception of family members, and should inform their residents when planning on having guests in the room and/or apartment. Hosting guests in the residence halls is a privilege, and residents are responsible for their guests' behaviors.  All guests entering University Housing  must be have received a COVID-19 vaccination, and must provide proof of vaccination through the Guest Check In Form before entering the buildings.

We have created an accessible Google Form survey that residents can complete with their guests to check in to the buildings. Residents are required to complete this form each time they bring a guest into the residence halls, even if their guest lives on campus in a different building. Residents will need to be signed in to their LTU e-mail to complete the Guest Check In Form.

Failure to comply with University Housing Guidelines regarding the Guest Policy may result in suspension or removal of guest privileges at the discretion of the building's Residence Hall Coordinator.

 Guest Check In Form