If you are interested in becoming a Resident Assistant for the 2015-2016 Academic year, please attend one of the below info sessions

January 20th - North Housing Lounge at 10pm

January 21st - M218 at 12:30pm

January 22nd - South Housing Lounge at 10pm

January 28th - M218 at 12:30pm



The Resident Assisant (RA) assigned to your community is a student who has been selected for the position because of his or her leadership skills, concern for others, ability to communicate, knowledge of University resources, and willingness to accept responsibility.  RAs receive extensive training and are your primary source for information and assistance during the school year.

The RA Hiring process happens in two stages. The first stage is Group Process where applicants are assessed on their ability to problem solve and plan in a group setting. The second stage is an individual interview with two current Resident Assistants, followed by a second round of questions from the campus Resident Hall Coordinators and the Director of Residence's Life. 

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