Rent a Bed Loft for $169.99 for the school year!

Rent a bedloft to increase your usable floor space by up to 35%.
Check out bed loft here:

If ordered by August 10, 2018, the product will be delivered to the student's room before move-in day.


Why should a student rent a bed loft?

Renting a bed loft is an easy, affordable way to create more space in residence hall rooms. The additional living space will provide residents with a much more comfortable environment and free up space for additional items, such as a futon, desk, and more.


Bed lofts create a significant amount of extra space, giving you a comfortable living area where you can have all the items that are important to you.

Their custom-made products are designed to fit specifically in our residence halls and are approved by LTU.


Create a comfortable room for you and your roommate and rent your bed loft today!

Ordering a bed loft will give you more space in your residence hall room - the essential space saver for today's college student.



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