Students wishing to bring their own loft units may do so and assume full liability. Please complete this form if you intend to bring your own loft bed to campus. You will receive a waiver in your LTU e-mail that you must complete before moving in to University Housing.

Loft Disclaimer

You are fully responsible for complying with the sample specifications set forth by University Housing. As stated on the waiver of liability and assumption of risk form, you are voluntarily assuming all risks associated with the construction and use of your loft. The Office of University Housing reserves the right to deem a loft bed unsafe or in violation of fire code. Failure to remove or modify the loft may result in student conduct action, including but not limited to a fine. All student owned loft beds must be dismantled and original beds reassembled before Finals Week (during May Move Out) to prevent unnecessary noise during final exams. Loft beds may also be dismantled after 10:00am on the last day of Finals Week. University beds must be properly reassembled before residents check out. Failure to reassemble the university bed will result in an Improper Checkout fee. 

Loft Guidelines

  • A waiver must be submitted to the Office of University Housing prior to loft construction.
  • The loft must be free standing, meaning no attachments to floors, walls, ceilings, or other furniture in the room.
  • Lofts may not block doorways or windows, and should not come in contact with any room ventilation. 
  • Loft construction must not interfere with either the location or operating efficiency of any smoke detector. 
  • The mattress support area must be no higher than 7 feet from the floor, and the sleeping surface must be at least 30 inches from the ceiling. 
  • The mattress support area must be surrounded by a safety rail on all sides. 
  • Sleeping surface dimensions must not exceed the dimensions of a Twin XL mattress. 
  • You must use the mattress provided by University Housing

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