Forms can be submitted to the Greek Life Advisors, Marissa Gonzalez ( or Alison Ramirez  ( unless otherwise noted on the form. 

GPA Request Forms

GPA Request Form - Current Members (Excel File) 

GPA Request Form - New Members (Excel File) 


Risk Management Policy

FIPG Risk Management Policy  

Authorization to Release Limited Information (FERPA) 


Incident Report

IFC Incident Report Form


Recruitment/New Member Forms

Statement of Relationship

Organization Roster (Excel File) 

Recruitment Policy Pamphlet  


Interested in starting a Fraternity or Sorority on campus? Click below to learn about LTU's expansion policy.

Expansion Policy  

Greek Colonies vs Greek Charters  


Greek Day

Chapter Excellence Packet  

Greek Day Rules 

Winter Games Rules

Song and Skit Rules