Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity (ΑΣΦ)  

In 1933, Dr. Wayne Buell founded Alpha Gamma Upsilon (AGU) at Lawrence Institute of Technology. The fraternity later merged with Alpha Sigma Phi, creating the Gamma Psi chapter in 1968. Alpha Sigma Phi was founded in 1845 at Yale University, making it one of the oldest Greek fraternities in existence. We are represented by over 150 chapters across the nation as well as internationally. Our motto, Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima ("The cause is hidden, the result well-known") is something expressed through our traditions and brotherhood.

The Gamma Psi chapter at Lawrence Tech was established in 1967, re-chartered in 2004, and reorganized in 2011. We have quickly become a large and influential organization of the LTU community with representation in the Intrafraternal Council, the American Institute for Architecture Students, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Our new "To Better the Man" Book Scholarship, sponsored through undergraduate and alumni efforts, is offered to incoming students in assisting them as they pursue their education at Lawrence Tech.

Academics, friendship, leadership, lifelong brotherhood, professionalism, and service are qualities that we exude and seek to provide to students throughout college and life. Membership in our organization helps to positively enhance the already rewarding college experience.

Alpha Sigma Phi - Coat of Arms

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Chapter: Gamma Psi
Colors: Red and Gray
Nickname: Alpha Sig
Council: IFC (Interfraternal Council)