true blue societyThe True Blue Society was established to recognize Lawrence Tech’s most loyal donors. Alumni that contribute to the University each year are our foundation—the rungs on the ladder that help LTU (and, more importantly, our students) climb higher!

Loyal donors give the University the strong, consistent base of support needed to provide opportunities for outstanding students in and out of the classroom, pursue impactful research, and stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Gifts of any amount to any area each calendar year will be recognized within the following levels:

   TBS Ivy Leaf  Advocate: 2-4 years
   TBS Ivy Leaf  Ambassador: 5-19 years
   TBS Ivy Leaf  Champion: 20-34 years
   TBS Ivy Leaf  Guardian: 35+ years

Donors who sign up for a new monthly recurring gift will automatically be given Advocate level membership.

Who is eligible for membership?
At this time, the True Blue Society is only open to alumni and former students of Lawrence Institute of Technology, Lawrence Technological University, and Detroit Institute of Technology.

What are the benefits of loyal giving?
Benefits vary based on your level of membership, but all members will enjoy discounts on LTU merchandise, milestone recognition, and invitations to special LTU events during the year.

True Blue Society Benefits

Benefits extend through the end of the following calendar year. For example: a gift made in 2018 to continue your consecutive giving streak entitles you to the benefits outlined above through the end of 2019. If you do not make another gift in 2019, your membership will expire on December 31, 2019. However, you will have the option to buy back the missed year (see below).

What if I miss a year (or two)?
Nobody’s perfect. That’s why we offer a buyback option for years you may miss, with an additional gift of $25 per year. Recently lapsed donors (those whose missed gift in the year prior resulted in a break in consecutive giving) will automatically be given this opportunity, as well as any alumni donor who wishes to inquire about his/her eligibility. Please contact 248.204.2300 or if you would like more information.