"I've had to overcome a lot of academic and financial challenges to get to where I am today. I'll never forget the impact that receiving scholarships has had on my education—and on my life!”” 

Katelyn Allen

Limited means shouldn’t limit possibilities.

Lawrence Tech is committed to delivering a Theory and Practice education that is as accessible as it is extraordinary. As a private university, we rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters in order to provide scholarships and other financial assistance to students like Katelyn who may not otherwise be able to attend LTU.

With the average student debt load at graduation now surpassing $40,000 these dollars are more critical than ever. Nothing else we do to improve the quality of a Lawrence Tech education will matter if students and families can’t afford to attend. Many talented and dedicated students are faced with the difficult choice of withdrawing from the University each year because they simply cannot bear the financial burden. But, with the help of alumni and friends, we can ensure a world-class LTU education remains within reach for students with limited means but limitless potential.


Annual scholarship support

Gifts to expendable scholarship funds provide immediate relief to students in financial need. The amount of funding available to students depends entirely on the replenishing of these funds by annual donor support.


Endowed scholarship support

Endowed scholarships can be established with a gift or gifts totaling $25,000 or more. These funds provide scholarship support for current and future generations of Blue Devils in perpetuity because, after the initial gift is invested by LTU, only the interest generated is awarded annually.

There are a vast number of existing annual and endowed scholarships you can choose to support, including:

  • General Scholarship Fund
  • ADAC Traveling Fellowship Award in memory of Earl Pellerin
  • Arts & Sciences Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Jerry L. Crist
  • Barnes & Noble Endowed/Expendable Textbook Scholarship
  • Blaine Denning Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Laird E. Johnston Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Engineering
  • Leland Lahr Endowed Scholarship in Management
  • Virginia A. North Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Architecture and Design
  • Lawrence Tech Alumni Association Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship
  • Lawrence Tech Faculty & Staff Scholarship
  • Student Veterans Endowed Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Greek and other student organizations
Contact us if you would like to learn more about existing donor-funded scholarships or how you can establish a new scholarship fund.