Jubilee Society - Class of 1969

As a member of the Class of 1970 or class of 1971, you have an opportunity to help enhance engagement with the University and reconnect with former classmates. In addition, you can build a legacy that will help future students through encouraging the support of the Jubilee Society Endowed Scholarship. Your involvement will help reunite your classmates and reconnect them to Lawrence Tech!

Benefits of serving as a Jubilee Committee Member:
  • Reconnecting with former classmates and the University
  • Establishing a legacy by raising funds that will support LTU students in perpetuity
  • Enlisting class unity and rekindling your Blue Devil pride
Committee Member responsibilities:
  • Lead by example and make an annual gift or a multi-year pledge to the Jubilee Society Endowed Scholarship* at a level that is personally significant to you.
  • Attend Jubilee Brunch on May 7, 2021.
  • Complete your Jubilee update form for inclusion in the memory book.
  • Contact fellow classmates to encourage their attendance at Jubilee Brunch and their participation in the class gift.
  • You will be asked to reach out to classmates you know and given a limited list of others, based on your associations and the total number of committee members.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information that may be provided to you about your classmates.
Other strategies for success:
  • Advise University Advancement staff on themes and messages that will resonate most with your class.
  • Encourage classmates to update the University via the Jubilee Update Form (sent via mail and available online).
  • Help identify other potential committee members or classmates of influence.
  • Participate in a call-a-thon held on campus.
  • Recruit leadership and challenge/match gifts (i.e. one classmate says they will donate $5,000 if the Class participation reaches 50%, or one says they will match once $5,000 has been raised).
  • Thank classmates for their gifts with emails, phone calls, or personal notes.
As needed, Lawrence Tech will provide:
  • Recognition at the event and in the Jubilee book for your service as a committee member.
  • Staff support from the University Advancement office.
  • A list of classmates and contact information when available and appropriate, plus updates (e.g. “John Smith has not yet submitted his update form”) on those “assigned” to you.
  • Regular updates on fundraising progress.
  • Samples of solicitation letters, social media outreach ideas and other potential communications.

Please email us at alumni@ltu.edu to express your interest in serving on the Jubilee Reunion Committee.

*Gifts to other programs or funds will be accepted and counted towards the class gift goal, but we strongly encourage support of the Jubilee Society Endowed Scholarship.

Make your class gift to the Jubilee Society Endowed Scholarship!
If you would like to make a multi-year pledge (i.e. $1,000/year for five years), please contact University Advancement at 248.204.2300 or via our online form.