Endowed Scholarship

Make Magic

Help one - or more - students realize their dream of graduating from Lawrence Tech when you establish an endowed scholarship that covers the cost of their tuition. An endowment provides permanent support for generations of students. Your gift is invested and grows over time, while the interest is awarded as a scholarship each year. Endowment is the ultimate way to make a lasting impact on student lives.

Give Every Student Access

In 2022, 80 students were excited to receive their acceptance letters to Lawrence Tech, then the worst case happened: they were unable to attend. The University just didn’t have enough scholarship money to help them afford their education. LTU doesn’t want this to ever happen again. Help us give every capable, curious and deserving student the opportunity to enroll in the University they have dreamed of attending, regardless of their ability to pay.

Together, we can:

  • Remove cost as a primary barrier to receiving an exceptional education
  • Ensure students of all walks of life achieve their true potential
  • Maintain a path for technological breakthroughs in science, engineering, business, architecture and design

Impact Lives

There are several ways to fund an endowed scholarship, including:

  • An outright gift of cash
  • Securities (stocks, bonds)
  • Real estate (current or second homes)
  • Personal property (boats, cars, jewelry, art)
  • Life income (IRA distribution)
  • In a bequest or estate plan
  • A combination of these

To establish an endowed scholarship, a minimum gift of $25,000 is required. This can be contributed in a lump sum or spread out (pledged) over five years.

If you prefer to make a pledge, but want to begin helping students immediately, a Hybrid Scholarship can make this possible.

For More Information Or To Get Started

Please contact Kevin Finn, Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement, at 248.204.2305 or kfinn@ltu.edu .

  • When you ease the burden of debt and tuition for students through scholarship support, you help students like me focus on academics instead of those looming tuition bills. With your help, we can achieve our dreams and make tomorrow a brighter day for everyone.”


    Maxwell Allison


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Giving Back with an Endowed Scholarship


Chris Mall never forgot the value of the scholarship that helped him graduate from Lawrence Tech in 1994. Because an LTU donor’s generosity made his mechanical engineering degree possible, Chris wanted to “help others in the same way I was helped.”

About 15 years ago he directed one of his first gifts to the general LTU Scholarship Fund. But LTU’s director of stewardship Julie Vulaj suggested he establish a scholarship of his own – in the form of a personally meaningful endowed scholarship.