Each year, Lawrence Technological University students gain valuable, career-enhancing experience in competitions that challenge them to tackle real-world design and engineering challenges.

Sponsored by the SAE International), these competitions are an integral part of Lawrence Tech’s engineering curriculum, which has always stressed the importance of enriching “theory” with “practice.” Nearly 30 years ago, this belief prompted Lawrence Tech to become one of the first universities in the United States to participate in the SAE® Collegiate Design competitions.

In these year-long projects open to all undergraduates, students work in teams similar to those they will encounter in industry. They research, design, build, and test their vehicles and aircraft, as well as raise funds and create marketing presentations. At the end of the academic year, they test their knowledge and skill against other student teams in regional and international competitions.

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  • Aero Team picture

    SAE Aero Design® Students design, build, test, and fly a radio-controlled heavy-lift cargo airplane. Given a set of constraints, their goal is to airlift the most weight possible. The students are judged in the categories of oral presentation, design and innovation, payload prediction, and flight competition. More ...

  • Baja Team Picture

    Baja SAE® Competing against more than 100 other teams to have their design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm, students design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain. In 2009 Lawrence Tech’s team won 3rd place in land maneuverability, and in 2010 3rd in the tractor pull. More ...

  • Formula Team Picture

    Formula SAE® Students design, fabricate, and race a small, formula-style, autocross racing car as a prototype for evaluation as a production vehicle. The car is judged in high-performance endurance track trials in acceleration, skidpad, autocross, fuel economy, and endurance. More ...

  • Formula Hybrid Picture

    Formula Hybrid™ Students design, build, and race an open-wheel, single-seat, plug-in hybrid race car focusing on the engineering of the hybrid drive system and vehicle suspension to maximize performance in acceleration, autocross, and endurance. More...

  • SAE Supermileage Picture

    SAE Supermileage® Lawrence Tech's Supermileage provides engineering and technology students with a challenging design project that involves the development and construction of a single-person, fuel-efficient vehicle. Currently the team has 14 members with both undergraduate and graduate students. " href="/supermileage/index.asp">More...

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