All competitors must submit the following for their final project by NO LATER THAN 11:59PM EST on NOVEMBER 27, 2012.

1. A 200 Word description of the project

2. A graphic representation of the project via two 24x36 Vertical Boards (no more than 300dpi)

3. A one to three minute video outlining your project.

Please send items one and two (combined file size less than 25MB) in an email to Please put the following in the subject line: Contestant name(s) (First and Last), Final Submission, PIDPR Comp.

Ex. JohnSmithFinalSubmissionPIDPRComp

Regarding the video submission, please place the URL for the youtube video in the email. Our [gd]3 team will upload those to the Facebook page ArchInnovation Jams or our Blog

Throughout the competition, applicants are required to post a minimum of three times on our blog. The purpose of this is for all applicants to have a dialogue on PIDPR with interested people around the world. The secondary purpose is for all applicants to post updates on their submitted draft proposals and also to participate in a conversation with a worldwide audience about their work-in-progress and to get feedback from others. Please upload three or more posts on our blog by November 26.

project example