project exampleRegistration offically opens on 12:01AM August 24, 2012 via this website. There is no fee required to register for this competition. There are two categories for this competition: a student category and a professional category. For each category, please fill out the registration form located below. 


In addition to filling out the form below, applicants are required to submit the following items:

1. A written description of project, project title and names of all team members (200 words max.) 
2. A draft poster (graphic summary of project)  with the following requirements

  • 300 DPI,
  • PDF format,
  • 1 to 2 boards not to exceed 11x17
  • File size should not exceed 10 MB per file

Our [gd]3 team will organize these items and post them to our Blog, to get constructive comments and feedback from the other participants and public.

Throughout the competition, applicants are required to post a minimum of three times on our blog. The primary purpose of this is for all contestants to have a dialogue on PIDPR with interested people around the world. The secondary purpose of this is for all applicants to post updates on their submitted draft proposals and also to participate in a conversation with a worldwide audience about their works-in-progress and to get feedback from others. Please upload three or more images on our Blog by November 26. 

1. Student Category

Projects must be initiated and conducted strictly on a volunteer basis. Projects undertaken for academic credit as part of an educational curriculum are not eligible. Students should consider working on groups and are required to submit proof of their status as students either in the form of a scanned copy of a student identification card or a letter of verification from a faculty advisor. It is strongly recommended that the names of their advisors be provided. Please fill out the registration form below.

2. Professional Category

Architects or designers may submit projects that were completed on a pro bono basis. On the form below, please provide the name of the firm or company you are affiliated with.

In both categories, [gd]3 seeks projects which empower architecture and design students, disadvantaged communities and the public through inspiring and responsive design. These projects should also explore alternative ways of doing architecture.


Registration officially closes on November 20, 2012 so all applicants must submit these items as well as fill out the form below by 11:59PM EST on November 20.