Transfer Credit Requirements

Lawrence Tech accepts a maximum of 60 credits from regionally accredited 2-year institutions and 90 from regionally accredited 4-year institutions. Classes with a grade of 2.0 or better will be considered for transfer credit. Students will receive an evaluation of coursework within a few weeks of admission. The evaluation shows the total number of credits awarded, how those credits apply to the degree program and the total number remaining to complete the degree.

How are transfer courses evaluated?

Finding out the courses that transfer to Lawrence Tech is an important step in becoming a transfer student. We perform a thorough course by course review of your college and/or university transcripts to see how they will apply to your chosen major. Courses that are listed on the transcript as in progress will be reviewed once an updated transcript is sent to LTU. Courses must meet similar rigor, content and major requirements offered at LTU in order to transfer.    

Transfer credit procedures vary between different universities. It is likely not all credits taken a previous colleges/universities will transfer to Lawrence Tech. At LTU we will do our best to provide you with the most accurate evaluation possible.

Lawrence Tech provides specific program transfer guides that are available for students transferring from community colleges in Michigan and surrounding areas. Please visit our Transfer Guides page and select your current school from the list provided.