Spring 2020 Orientation & Registration

All Orientation and Placement dates have passed for the Spring 2020 Semester.  Please contact the Admissions Office at 248-204-3160 with any questions.

Information for students accepted for the Spring 2020 semester.


Step 1:  Placement Assessments

This is the first step in the orientation and registration process. In order to determine which classes you should enroll in, students are required to take placement assessments in a variety of areas. You must take your placement assessments before attending Orientation and Registration as your scores are required for the registration process. Check-in for assessment dates begins 30 minutes prior to start time. You must present a photo ID at check in. Duration of assessments will depend on how many assessments you are required to take. 

Below are some useful tips to prepare you for these assessments: 

What to Bring
Assessments by Major
Description of Assessments/Study Guides


Step 2:  Spring 2020 Orientation and Registration (O & R)

O & R is designed to give you the opportunity to meet with Lawrence Tech advisers, staff, and students, register for your first semester classes, pick up your laptop, and get comfortable with your new learning environment. Lawrence Tech offers a variety of dates and times that will fit any schedule. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions (248-204-3160). If you are an international student, please find specific international orientation information here.

Step 3:  Laptop Distribution

One of the great benefits of being a Lawrence Tech Undergraduate student is that you are supplied a powerful laptop or tablet computer customized with all the software you'll need for your particular program of study. All undergraduate students who attend O & R will be given the opportunity to pick up their laptop during the O & R program. We recommend paying the laptop deposit prior to O & R for a faster and smother distribution of your laptop. Below are the steps that need to be taken to pick up your laptop (these steps will vary slightly depending on if you are under 18 years old on the day you pick up your laptop). Everyone will need to:


  1. Pay the $500 laptop deposit using one of the following methods:
    a)  Before O & R--Call Michele Brantley at 248.204.2175 to pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.
    b)  During O & R--Pay in person by cash, credit, or check (payable to Lawrence Technological University)
  2. After you register for classes, sign the laptop contract. If you are under 18 on the day you pick up your laptop, you should review and sign the contract PDF image prior to attending O & R and know that both you and your parent will be required to sign the contract in order to receive your laptop. If you are over 18 on the day you pick up your laptop, you will be required to sign an online laptop contract at O & R. 


Students who do not pick up their laptop during O & R will be able to pick it up at the designated laptop distribution dates for the Spring 2020 semester. In order to use financial aid to pay the laptop deposit, you will be required to wait until laptop distribution dates before classes begin. Prior to picking up your laptop you will need to visit the financial aid office for approval.



Step 4: University Housing

Are you interested in building long-lasting relationships, living in an exciting community environment, and having a sense of independence? Have you considered  living on campus? If so, we have three residential units waiting for you! Check out our University Housing and make sure you submit your Housing application today at your status page! Please note, you must first submit your $100 enrollment deposit to access the housing application.



Financial Aid & Tuition

For more information regarding tuition, fees, and financial aid please visit our Financial Aid page.


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