Review Process for Military Transcripts

Student who anticipate using their military experiences for transfer credit must request an official JST (Joint Services Transcript).  LTU will also review official transcripts from CCAF (Community College of the Air Force).  Official copies of the transcripts must be submitted in order for the evaluation process to occur.  Once admitted to the university an official review of the transcripts will take place.  Only courses under the heading “Military Course Competitions” will be reviewed.  We do not accept any courses from the “Military Experience” heading as these tend to be specialized and do not have the college credit recommendations by ACE (American Council on Education). 

We will perform a thorough evaluation of your transcripts to see how they can be applied to your chosen major.  Courses must meet similar rigor, content and major requirements offered at LTU in order to transfer.  

Students will be mailed an evaluation of their coursework within a few weeks of admission. The evaluation shows the total number of credits awarded, how those credits apply to the degree program and the total number remaining to complete the degree.