As an undergraduate student at Lawrence Technological University, you’ll receive an advantage that no other university offers. You'll become a member of the LTuZone, which gives you 24/7 access to the software and computing power you need. The LTuZone is a dynamic program to ensure that Lawrence Tech students are prepared to take advantage of advanced learning opportunities, have greater access to educational resources, and achieve a competitive edge in the workplace.

No matter what your major, LTU provides you the same industry standard environment used in your field. You’ll enter the job market prepared, with valuable experience using the programs that your future co-workers use every day. It’s all included in your undergraduate tuition.



The LTuZone is a comprehensive package offered exclusively to all LTU undergrad students. It includes access to current industry standard software. You will have 24/7 access to these valuable and specialized programs – retailing on average for more than $75,000 – throughout your LTuZone membership and the technical support to keep you up and running.



The former LTU Laptop Initiative has transformed into an integral component the LTuZone. In addition to the providing access to industry standard software and the hardware to run it, your membership in the LTuZone also includes on-site and remote technical support of that software and hardware to let you focus on your learning.



The LTuZone also includes secure network wireless service throughout the campus and VPN services to access campus-only software so you can engage in your learning everywhere. This means no reserving time at a computer lab across campus. Your lab travels with you – in your room, sitting under a tree, at the local coffee shop, or wherever your imagination and the Internet leads.


And the best part of the LTuZone? Lawrence Tech’s Help Desk is there to back you up. Having trouble with a virus? They can help. Computer slowing down? They can help. Total meltdown? Yes, they can help. That’s included in your tuition, too.


If you have questions about the LTuZone program, contact the Admissions Office at or the LTU Help Desk at