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freshman students

Accepted Transfer Students

Future Blue Devils, we are proud to welcome you to the LTU Family.

What's next? Below are important steps to help guide you through the process of officially becoming an LTU Student.

Reply to your offer for admission
Log on to your student status page, click reply to offer, and select your decision.

Submit enrollment deposit
The enrollment deposit can be submitted through your student status page. This deposit secures your place at Lawrence Tech. Additionally, the enrollment deposit secures scholarships awarded to you and allows you to apply for housing, take required placement assessments, and sign up for a Virtual Advising appointment. May 1 is the national candidate reply deadline. You are encouraged to submit your enrollment deposit as soon as you make Lawrence Tech your choice.

Sign up for housing
The application for housing is available after you submit your deposit on your student status page. Transfer student housing information is available at

Register for placement assessments
Placement assessments are the first step in the registration process and are the key to a successful academic path at Lawrence Tech. The results of these assessments will be used by your Academic Advisor to determine the appropriate coursework for your first semester. Once you deposit the placement assessments will be listed on your student status page. Placement assessments are conducted virtually via Zoom. Please note, the placement assessments MUST be completed before your virtual advising appointment.

Virtual advising appointment
During this appointment you will meet with your advisor and discuss the results of your Placement Assessments and make suggestions for your first semester coursework. You will leave this appointment registered for your first semester of classes at Lawrence Tech. You can RSVP for a Virtual Advising appointment once you submit your $100 enrollment deposit through your student status page

Laptop deposit and distribution
One of the highlights of being a new Lawrence Tech student is picking up your customized laptop. We want you to get used to the unique features and software prior to the start of the term. To be eligible to pick up your laptop, you will need to pay your laptop deposit on your student status page after you've submitted your enrollment deposit. You MUST be fully registered for classes before you can pick up your laptop. Beginning the week of July 12th, you will be able to pick up your laptop at LTU. On May 17th, the schedule will be available at your student status page to schedule your appointment for laptop distribution beginning the week of July 12th and throughout the rest of the summer.

Submit final transcripts
Students still enrolled at another institution, please make sure you submit final transcripts upon completion of your final semester. Once received, we can review to see if any additional transfer credit can be accepted.

Enjoy your experience 
Our faculty, staff, and students are eagerly anticipating your arrival on campus. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 248.204.3160, text us at 248.450.0116 or email us at

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We understand you are making big decisions and we are here to help you find the information you need. Email us. Text us. Call us.

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