Your path to success begins here! As a transfer student, you have had educational experiences at other higher education institutions that have steered you down your chosen path.

Whether you are changing your direction or creating a new one, Lawrence Tech offers a student-centered approach to teaching, state-of-the-art facilities, co-op programs with major businesses and corporations, and an atmosphere in which transfer students thrive.  Lawrence Technological University offers you the opportunity to reach your educational goals and contribute in your chosen field even before you graduate.  What’s more, Lawrence Tech welcomes many transfer students each year with ease. Check out our guidelines and policies regarding transferring credits to Lawrence Tech. 

  • Why I Chose LTU

    “When I graduated from high school, I actually had 46 college credits at Oakland Community College so I had planned to go there. But my mom encouraged me to apply to LTU because she knew it was a great school. I didn’t think I would get in, but here I am!”
    Mashia Kellum
    Mashia Kellum
    Computer Science, Class of 2017
  • Why I Chose LTU

    “One of the biggest reasons why I chose to come to LTU was the small campus. I knew that have smaller classes and a more intimate setting would help me grow as a student and person. Additionally, I knew the great reputation that LTU has within the engineering field.!”
    Alex Bryden
    Alex Bryden
    Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2016
  • Why I Chose LTU

    “I was seeking to get the university experience but on a much smaller scale, and LTU was the perfect fit for me!”””
    Katelyn Allen
    Katelyn Allen
    Molecular and Cell Biology, Class of 2017
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