Lawrence Tech combines the benefits of a close, caring small college atmosphere with the academic depth and scope of a larger university. Lawrence Tech takes a personal approach to education, and the University attracts students who have made some big plans for themselves. They are highly motivated students with at tremendous will to succeed, to excel, and to seek out the best in whatever they do.

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Lawrence Tech’s faculty combine top academic credentials and real-world experience. Qualified professors, not graduate assistants, teach your classes, discuss concepts and ideas in their lectures, and share information as they continue their work and applied research in industry. Your professors will provide you with the theory of how something will work and drive the point home with practical applications that reveal the realities of the world of business and industry.

Small Classes - Personal Attention

Lawrence Tech’s student-teacher ratio is 11:1. About 70 percent of your classes will enroll fewer than 17 students. Only 3 percent of classes enroll 50 or more! We purposely keep class sizes small to insure a true learning partnership and close rapport between students and professors. And as you advance in your program, your classes will become smaller. Computer facilities and other labs and equipment are easily accessible. A host of other services, such as free personal tutoring and academic counseling, are also readily available.

Convenient Day and Evening Schedules

Lawrence Tech was a pioneer in helping working adults achieves their educational and career goals. We continue to focus on the changing needs of students. Most under-graduate degrees can be earned by taking all day classes, all evening classes, or a combination of both - whatever works for you! We have students who attend full and part time, and some academic disciplines have internship programs where you learn as you work or co-op programs where full-time work semesters alternate with full-time school semesters. With the presence of more than 200 Fortune 500 companies, few areas of the nation provide exposure to a greater variety of corporate headquarters or "main office" operations than Lawrence Tech’s environs.