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Lawrence Technological University is continuing the Specs Howard School of Media Arts legacy. Whether you work toward a certificate or a degree, or you take online or on campus classes, you will learn the latest technology and gain hands-on experience. Access to state-of-the art equipment, project-based coursework, and LTU’s theory and practice education, prepare you for a broad spectrum of careers within the media industry.

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Fall 2022 

Some of the programs available are:

This 12-month program offers training in various aspects of radio and television broadcasting, including editing audio and video material using non-linear edition stations, creating audio and video effects and graphics, writing for web and broadcasting, and marketing via web and social media.

Graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies to:

  • Write news stories for on-air broadcast
  • Demonstrate an understanding of software and equipment typically found in industry
  • Demonstrate proper technique when performing live for radio, television, and other audio and video settings
  • Create video and audio content for broadcast distribution
  • Demonstrate confidence in working in the broadcast industry and communicating in industry-standard language
  • Understand various position within the broadcast industry

Course requirements for Broadcast Media Arts Certificate: 

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Fundamentals of Radio Digital Audio Concepts On-Air Radio
Fundamentals of Television Digital Video Concepts TV Field Production

Industry Employment Opportunities
radio on-air talent (DJ and/or news) - marketing/promotions - on-camera reporter - camera operator - producer - editor - writer - production assistant - video technician - sports broadcaster

Students will study and practice various aspects of video production, including basic videography skills, writing for online media, non-linear editing, graphics and web creation.  Upon completion of this 12 month program, successful graduates will be able to create professional video projects.

Graduates will possess the knowledge, skills and competencies to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of video camera operation, scene lighting, and audio recording
  • Write and produce various types of video for broadcast and distribution via the web
  • Create print and motion graphics projects using multiple software programs
  • Design and maintain a basic website
  • Use social media and a web-based portfolio for self-promotion
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of story structure
  • Analyze and criticize a variety of digital media art forms
  • Interpret scripts, draw storyboards, and create shot lists
  • Export and upload video to the web

Course requirements for Digital Media Arts Certificate: 

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Production Fundamentals  Digital Video Production Media for the Web
Visual Storytelling  Motion Graphics  Advanced Portfolio
Industry Employment Opportunities 
video production companies - post-production facilities - advertising agencies - corporate marketing departments - news agencies - TV production departments - film sets 

The Graphic Design program teaches students the basics of print and web design utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud software. With successful completion of this 12 month program graduates will be able to visually communicate concepts and ideas for print and web design; produce and present work for a professional client/designer environment; format and design press-ready pieces; design, host and maintain websites using web technologies; and brand and represent companies via web and social media.

Graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of design software commonly used in industry
  • Understand and develop an effective use of typography and design
  • Design and develop web pages along with social media content
  • Identify and/or produce copy for advertising, packaging and web design
  • Understand the effective use of color in design
  • Develop cohesive branding/identity for corporations, products and services
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the printing process, printing substrates and finishing processes
  • Understand copyright and Digital Rights Management 

Course requirements for Graphic Design Certificate: 

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Fundamentals of Graphic Design Web Design Essentials  Portfolio Development 
Intro to Computer Graphics  Visual Branding and Identity Advanced Projects 

Industry Employment Opportunities
advertising agencies - design studios - corporate art departments - newspapers - magazines - TV and radio station design departments - printing businesses


Tuition is $16,900 total for the LTU Professional Development Certificate in Broadcast Media Arts, Graphic Design or Digital Media Arts.


  • LTU Professional Development Certificate – worth $10,000 upon admission toward a professional development certificate in Broadcast Media Arts, Graphic Design or Digital Media Arts
  • LTU STEM Associate Degree Scholarship – worth $22,320 to help complete an associate degree
  • LTU STEM Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship – worth $42,160 toward a bachelor’s degree in selected fields of study

Want to learn more about affordability and scholarships? Visit www.ltu.edu/financial_aid/scholarships.asp

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