Scholarship Competition winners will earn up to $4,000 per year for four years toward your education at Lawrence Tech. This is in addition to any academic scholarship for which you may qualify, total awards not to exceed full tuition.

How to Participate in Lawrence Tech’s Scholarship Competition:

This competition is open to accepted Fall 2021 High School Senior students.

1. Apply to Lawrence Tech, if you haven’t already:

2. Write a 500 word response to the following topic and submit the essay through this portal by February 1, 2021. This essay is in addition to the required personal essay for admission. 

Innovation is a hallmark of a Lawrence Technological University education. Choose a person whose innovations have inspired you. Explain why that person was successful and how his or her innovation is helpful to society. What characteristics of the innovator would you like to incorporate into your own life?

3. The writers of the best essays will be invited to attend the math assessment portion of the Scholarship Competition virtually.  If selected, you will receive a RSVP form to reserve your spot.  There are multiple dates/times available to attend the virtual math assessment. You only need to select one date and time.  No exceptions will be made

  •  Tuesday, March 2nd at 4pm EST or 7pm EST
  •  Wednesday, March 3rd at 4pm EST or 7pm EST
  •  Thursday, March 4th at 4pm EST or 7pm EST
  •  Tuesday, March 9th at 4pm EST or 7pm EST
  •  Wednesday, March 10th at 4pm EST or 7pm EST
  •  Thursday, March 11th at 4pm EST or 7pm EST

Please Note:
Athletes with an LTU athletic award are not eligible to participate in the Scholarship Competition.

For more information, please email, or call the Office of Admissions at 248.204.3160