international students - what to bring


What to Bring

Average temperatures in Southfield are cold in the winter (16-33° F/-9-1 C) and hot (62-86° F/17-30 C) in the summer, so you should bring clothing to cover these ranges.  Although a little extreme, there is a longstanding joke in Michigan is the "Michigan weather" where it can snow, rain, and be sunny and warm in the same day.  Dress on campus is usually casual, but you will want to have some formal clothing for special occasions. 

Residence halls include equipped kitchens (stove and refrigerator), living rooms  (couch, chair, and dining table with chairs), bedrooms (twin bed, closet, bookcase, desk with chair), and bathrooms.  Bedding, towels, and other household items will be available for immediate purchase.  Once you arrive, you will want to purchase lamps, an alarm clock, and power strips.  We recommend that you travel lightly and bring money to purchase many of these items once you reach the U.S.  There will be shopping trips arranged to help you set up your room once you arrive.

You should also bring copies of important documents (if you have them) with information about your academic history, medical history, vaccination records, financial information, insurance, etc.  Many students also find that a copy of their birth certificate or secondary form of identification is helpful during their stay in the US.  It may be helpful to bring a credit card from your home country to make hotel reservations, rent automobiles, and make purchases.  It is recommended that you obtain a credit card in your home country because it may be difficult to be approved for a credit card in the US as a newly arrived international student.