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The I-20 is a multi-purpose document issued by Lawrence Tech certifying that you have been admitted as a full-time student and have demonstrated sufficient financial resources to cover your stay in the United States. The I-20 is officially titled the “Certificate of Eligibility” because it allows an individual to apply for a student visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate.

For Lawrence Tech to issue your I-20 you will need to complete the admissions requirements, submit your application fee, be accepted, andsubmit your enrollment deposit.

Additional requirements for your I-20 include:

Submit a current bank statement as proof that you have sufficient funds to pay for an entire year of school at Lawrence Tech. If you are depending on a sponsor(s) to provide funding, LTU needs:

  • their bank statement(s)
  • signed and dated letter(s)from the sponsor(s) affirming their financial support and their relationship to the you
  • copies of the Documentation of Support Verification filled out and signed by you and your sponsor(s)

The two tables below outline the amounts for the 2022-23 academic year.

For students commuting from Canada:

  • Undergraduate: $43,550
  • Graduate Architecture & Design, Engineering, and Management: $27,800
  • Graduate Arts & Sciences: $21,860
  • Doctoral: $19,700

For all other students coming to live in the United states and attending LTU:

  • Undergraduate All Majors: $57,550
  • Master’s Level Arts & Sciences Students: $35,860
  • Master’s Level Architecture & Design, Engineering, and Management Students: $41,800
  • Doctoral Level Students: $33,700

Going forward, please base your payments on invoices from Lawrence Tech. They will cover the expected cost of tuition and on-campus housing. Payments for off-campus housing, or other personal living expenses should be sent to your personal bank account, not the university. Payments received in excess of the amount billed will either be placed on deposit for an upcoming semester or returned to the sender. In the case of wire transfers, the wire transfer will be reversed to return funds back to the originating account.

Send us the information page of your passport. We will use the information to enter you into the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). You will be responsible for paying the $350 registration fee. To pay the fee go to the Student and Exchange Visitor (SEVP) I-901 SEVIS Fee Processing Website.

If you are transferring from another U.S. educational institution, you and a designated official of the school you are transferring from will need to fill-out and sign a F-1 Visa Transfer Form. Send the completed form to LTU’s Office of Admissions as soon as possible after you complete courses at the school you are transferring from.

Once the I-20 has been issued, go the U.S. Department of State Visa website to make your appointment for an interview at the US Consulate or Embassy near you.

Consulates will generally accept appointments up to 120 days prior to the start of studies. There may be long waiting periods for appointments, especially May through August, so make your appointment as early as possible.

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