Join us for a day of exploring dynamic career and education options. Selecting a major and ultimately a career can be hard. Let us make this decision a little easier, by allowing you the opportunity to experience Lawrence Tech's state-of-the-art labs, studios and facilities first hand. This event is for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in participating in three interactive, hands-on sessions specially designed to expose them to the rich variety of programs at Lawrence Tech. Join us and be inspired and challenged by Lawrence Tech professors.


Friday, March 24, 2017; 8:00a-1:00p - Registration Information Coming Soon

Don Ridler Field House
21000 W. Ten Mile Rd
Southfield, MI 48075

Note: School groups must register at least two weeks prior to the event. Space is limited.


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There is no need to stress about choosing a major. Lawrence Tech is providing you with a great opportunity to get your feet wet in a variety of areas. A list of the sessions is below, take a minute to review and feel free to contact the admissions office if you have any questions about any of the majors that we offer!



8:00a-8:50a Registration          
8:50a-9:20a Welcome
9:30a-10:20a Session 1
10:30a-11:20a Session 2
11:30a-12:20p Session 3
12:30p-1:30p Lunch


Explore areas in:


Architectural Engineering

Can you envision a future where buildings produce more energy than they need by using alternative energy? Where water is conserved and waste is reused or eliminated? Architectural engineers have expertise in integrating mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering principles with construction and architecture to design green buildings. Create and present a mini design project in which you are the master builder of a sustainable, high-performing building!


Architecture and Design

Would you like to make a structure that can support 600 times its own weight? See real buildings supported by cardboard tubes. Learn how and why a structural design made of paper can support three to eight bricks placed on it.


Discover how the biological sciences have revolutionized our world, propelling advances in medicine, veterinary science, agriculture, wildlife conservation, education, and many other areas.

Biomedical Engineering

Experiment with professional test equipment, measuring and interpreting physiological signals and data to see how biomedically engineering products can contribute to the health and well-being of individuals and society.


The best way to learn business is to run one! This is your chance to get some of that experience. You will have 50 minutes and a toolbox of materials to launch a brand new business. At the end of the session, the businesses will compete for prizes!

Campus Tour    

Take a guided tour of campus and see what LTU has to offer: architecture and design studios; engineering and science labs; wood shop; fabrication lab; lighting, electrical, and daylighting labs; film and video studios; makeLab; Academic Achievement Center; student housing; and athletic facilities.

Civil Engineering

Build a more sustainable future! Civil engineers design and build bridges, roads, harbors, and stadiums – the infrastructure that is the foundation of society. They also restore and protect the environment. Discover the ongoing innovative research here at Lawrence Tech, while participating in lab activities.

Computer, Electrical and Embedded Software Engineering

From fast cars to toaster ovens, more and more products employ embedded computers to provide consumers better features and usability. Learn how electrical and computer engineers design these products and write the software to run them. You'll also tour LTU's labs and get some hands-on experience with electronic devices.

Computer Science

Learn how to control the machine that rules the digital age. Explore the exploding computer science field, from robotics, image processing, scientific computing, and game development to business intelligence, web development, mobile app development, computer animation, and more.

Designing with Architectural Models

Create a study-scale model of a rock star’s beach house retreat. The focus will be on design quality, crafting, and how well the model conveys the design concept. This is a double-length session.

Engineering Technology: Audio, Construction & Management, and Mechanical & Manufacturing

Combining creativity with mathematics and science, engineering technologists find innovative solutions to society’s problems, create products that benefit mankind, and design processes that ultimately change the way we live. Explore three very different engineering disciplines. Learn how audio engineers help to bring arts and entertainment – even science – to life. Discover the crucial role construction managers play in the overall building process. And talk with seasoned engineering technologists about how they put their ideas to work.

English and Communication Arts

Strong communication and critical thinking skills can help you become a leader in a variety of professions, including business and industry, government, and education. Discover the advantages of being a proficient writer and speaker in today’s technological world.


Learn how hands-on science is used to solve crimes. Explore one of the following topics: blood spatter analysis, DNA fingerprinting, drug testing, hair and fiber analysis, ballistics, firearm identification, gas chromatography, or how infrared can be used to investigate arson.

Game Art

Transform your hobby into a career by learning what it takes to be a game artist at one of the top studios. In this workshop, "Character Design 101", you'll learn the ins and outs of character creation and creating scenic stories. Not only will you design what the character looks like, you'll also create his or her personal backstory and possessions. 

Graphic Design

Explore techniques used in the ever-expanding field of graphic design that incorporate skills in the fine arts, design, and computer technology.

Industrial and Transportation Design

Do you have a passion for drawing and an ability to generate ideas to improve products? Do you have what it takes to make cars or products cool and futuristic? Find out how design and engineering are integrated to create the most exciting new vehicles and how you can find a place in this dynamic, competitive field. In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to design new vehicle concepts, products, apparel, and graphics, and create animation videos.

Industrial Engineering

Explore how engineering and finance overlap and why some enterprises succeed and others fail. Develop strategies for businesses to compete in an ever-changing global environment using modern simulation software.

Information Technology

As businesses rely increasingly on technology to improve productivity, the demand for IT professionals is soaring. Successful IT pros know how to design and use technology to serve the whole business. Learn about the applied research projects LTU's information technology students are conducting with local corporations as class assignments - and how they're presenting their findings to hiring managers.

Interaction Design

Explore the use of graphics, images, and objects in time-based media involving motion graphics, web design, animation, game development, and architectural conceptualization.

Interior Design

Interior designers respond to a variety of human factors to design meaningful indoor spaces.  Generate a design concept for an interior that includes the selection of materials, color, furniture, and decorative objects.


Mathematics holds the key to understanding and managing, if not actually controlling, the world around us. Learn how mathematics impacts almost every aspect of modern life, from personal finances to the stock market, from computer bits and bytes to global information networks. Mathematicians answer questions, solve problems, and manage uncertainty – you can too!

Mechanical Engineering

Ever wonder how you get electricity from wind? How cars can be made more energy efficient? How an airplane can lift five times its own weight? Explore these questions, see student-designed race cars, and find out how energy systems, machine design, fluid dynamics, materials design, metallurgy, and other disciplines work together to make the world a better place.

Media Communication

Media communication professionals work in a wide array of careers, including television, film, and video production. Students will work in two teams to write, produce, and anchor a real news broadcast.


The exploration of the principles that govern the universe has led to many of the modern world’s great inventions. Have fun with some these physical principles and learn about career opportunities in this exciting field.


Career opportunities in the life sciences are growing at an incredible pace. Learn how majoring in psychology at Lawrence Tech can provide you with the education and skills required by employers and graduate schools.

Rapid Sketch

Capture your ideas through quick sketching exercises in a design studio environment, bringing your concepts to life in ways you may not have tried before.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability has become a major consideration in design and construction. Architects must balance the needs of the environment with the needs (and budgets) of their clients. In this session, you'll select systems and materials within a given budget to try to "build" a house that will earn the highest possible sustainability score.

For questions or more information, please call the Office of Admissions at 248.204.3160. You may also email admissions@ltu.edu.