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The College of Arts and Sciences welcomes its new faculty and staff!

During 2019 and 2020, the College of Arts and Sciences hired new personnel in all three departments. The name, rank, and expertise for each faculty member are listed below. The faculty, staff, and students of CoAS extend a warm welcome to all the new personnel and look forward to productive interactions.

Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication


Hamad Al-Azary, Assistant Professor

Start: Fall 2020.

Ph.D., Psychology, Western University (London, Ontario). Expertise: research in metaphor processing, conceptual representations and abstraction.


Joy Schaefer, Senior Lecturer

Start: Fall 2020

Ph.D., Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies, Stony Brook University. Expertise: transnationalism and postcolonial studies; representations of race, religion, gender, and sexuality; disability studies and feminist affect theories; news media, social media, and hashtag activism.


Julia Kiernan, Assistant Professor

Start: Fall 2020

Ph.D., Rhetoric & Composition, University of Louisville. Expertise: shifting impacts of pedagogical and curricular design in translingual and transnational writing, digital and interdisciplinary humanities and science communication.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Tao Liu, Assistant Professor

Start: Fall 2020

Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Florida International University. Expertise: Research focus is at the intersection of the algorithm, architecture, and security aspects of deep learning, neuromorphic computing, machine learning system design, and their applications in embedded, IoT, and autonomous systems.


Jose Gonzalez-Belmonte, Senior Lecturer

Start: Fall 2020.

M.S., Computer Science, Lawrence Technological University. Expertise: game programming, developing augmented and VR applications.

Department of Natural Sciences


Irfana Muqbil, Assistant Professor

Start: Fall 2021

Ph.D., Biochemistry, Aligarh Muslim University, India. Expertise: cancer treatment research.


Michael Wendt, Assistant Professor

Start: Fall 2021

Physician Assistant Program.

M.S., PA studies, University of Detroit Mercy. Expertise: primary/urgent care medicine.


Kenneth Early, Assistant Professor

Start: Spring 2021.

Physician Assistant Program.

M.S., Nursing Practice, Oakland University. Expertise: board-certified acute care – pediatric nurse practitioner.


Charles Regan, Assistant Professor

Start: Spring 2021

Physician Assistant Program.

M.S., PA studies, University of Detroit Mercy. Specialties: urgent care/orthopedic surgery.


Aimee Lamb, Assistant Professor

Start: July 2020

Director and Physician Assistant Program Faculty.

M.S., Medical Science, Emory University. Expertise: health and wellness of rural and urban underserved populations.


Jacqueline Moody, Assistant Professor

Start: Fall 2021

Nursing, Wayne State University. Expertise: mental health, medical/surgical, community and public health.


Elizabeth Porter, Program Coordinator

Start: Summer 2021

Physician Assistant Program.


Michelle Nelson, Postdoctoral Fellow

Start: Fall 2021

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program on diversity and inclusion.

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