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Click and Give to Motorsports



The history of success of LTU’s Formula SAE® team would not be possible without the generous support of donors and sponsors. For 2014 the team has set a fund-raising goal of $50,000 to purchase the materials needed to design, build, and test the vehicle. The aim is not only to fund the 2014 team, but also to support future Formula teams. Individual and company contributions can take the form of money, equipment, or materials. Industry-leading equipment is essential for keeping the Formula teams competitive.

Company Benefits

  • Involvement serves as an avenue to promote your company and its products and /or services to SAE, future industry professionals, and the general automotive industry.
  • Officers companies the opportunity to support educational advancements.
  • Gain exposure to the automotive and motorsports industries through events, news letters, apparel and academic involvement.
  • Obtain feedback on products under racing and endurance conditions.


  • Contributions can consist of monetary gifts, services, or products, and all are 100% 501(c) (3) tax deductible.
  • Funds that exceed the cost of parts, materials, and labor will be applied to future Lawerence Tech Formula SAE teams and vehicles.


Download the Sponsorship Packet [PDF]