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Lawrence Tech and Formula SAE

- Originally founded by SAE International in 1979 as Mini Indy
- An event once hosted on LTU’s campus has grown to include hundreds of colleges and universities
- Over a dozen annual competitions are held in seven different countries.
- The best attended and most coveted event is the competition held at Michigan International Speedway each May.

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Students are challenged to:

- Conceive, design, engineer, fabricate, and race a small high-performance Formula-style race car intended for the non-professional weekend autocross racer
- Assume that a manufacturing company has contracted their design team to develop the vehicle, which should cost less than $25,000 to produce.
- LTU students validate their hard work by putting their car through performance tests in a real racing environment at the Michigan International Speedway
- Compete against 120 teams from across the globe
- Undergo trials in acceleration, skidpad, autocross, fuel economy, and endurance
- Test their problem-solving, innovative thinking, and teamwork in their presentation and engineering design.

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