SAE International Formula Hybrid Competition

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Formula Hybrid™ is a design and engineering challenge for undergraduate university students. Endorsed by SAE International and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), it is unique among SAE competitions in its blend of both mechanical and electrical engineering.

Students design, build, and race an open-wheel, single seat, plug-in hybrid racecar that conforms to Formula Hybrid TM rules, which emphasize drive train innovation and fuel efficiency in high-performance applications. Formula HybridTM builds upon the Formula SAE® program and takes it to the next level by adding a new layer of complexity and an additional technical challenge.

The Formula HybridTM competition focuses on the vehicles’ performance in three tests: acceleration, autocross, and endurance. The most challenging event at the competition is endurance, which tests how fast the vehicles can complete a course with a limited amount of energy.

2017 Blue Devil Motorsports Grand Prix

2017 Blue Devil Motorsports Grand Prix

The Blue Devil Motorsports Grand Prix is held every year at Lawrence Tech's campus in Southfield, MI. University teams are invited from around SE Michigan as well as from neighboring states - as long as they are willing to participate! The event allows each team several timed autocross runs around the track, awarding top teams based on best lap times.