teaching + learning using technology award

The Eighth Annual “Teaching and Learning Using Technology” (TLT) Award will be presented to a selected faculty member in the Fall of 2016. Awardee’s efforts will be honored by the presentation of the TLT Award along with a $750 honorarium at the Award ceremony. 

Please consider the following criteria:

1. Innovative use of technology and strategies to support creation of an engaged learning environment.
2. Design and dissemination of methods to integrate technology within discipline and course(s).
3. Evaluation and feedback on how the innovation enhanced learning engagement and/or may benefit the learning community.

The TLT Award Committee is currently accepting nominations for the TLT Award. To nominate your colleague or teacher, please complete the online survey by Friday April 22nd, 2016.

After nominations have been received, nominees will be contacted by Marija Franetovic, Course Developer from eLearning Services, to complete the nomination process by writing a short narrative that addresses the three award criteria plus a plan to disseminate their innovation within their academic department or college. Award finalists will be selected by the TLT Award Committee (the previous year's TLT Awardee, the Academic Deans, the Executive Director of eLearning Services, and the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning) with the award winner selected by the Provost.

Please join us in making this award program a continued success by nominating those innovative colleagues or teachers who use technology to teach and engage our students.


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