Scholarship Renewal Policy PDF

Students awarded academic, athletic or any other university-based scholarship must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA in order to retain them. GPA requirements vary depending on which scholarship(s) a student holds. Every semester after grades are posted, the LTU Office of Financial Aid monitors the grades of all scholarship holders including academic and athletic to ensure that the students are meeting their scholarship requirements.

The academic scholarship that you are awarded as an incoming student is the scholarship that you will retain as long as you are a student at Lawrence Tech and continue to meet the qualifications for the scholarship. To comply with university policy, students can only be awarded one academic scholarship.

If it is found that a student is making Satisfactory Academic Progress and maintaining a GPA higher than 2.0 but below the GPA required by their scholarship(s), the student may be offered a one-time semester of grace for their scholarship. This extension is never a guarantee and is dependent upon the funds available at that time.  The student’s GPA will be re-evaluated the following semester, after grades are posted, to determine if they have achieved the minimum required GPA for the scholarship. If the required GPA has not been attained, the student’s scholarship will be suspended.

Once a student has re-established the required cumulative GPA, it is the students’ responsibility to email the Director of Financial Aid to indicate they are requesting a scholarship reinstatement. The re-awarding of the scholarship will then be evaluated. Reissue of a scholarship is never a guarantee and is dependent upon the funds available at that time.

Scholarships will not be reduced to a lower award level to accommodate a student’s failure to maintain an acceptable GPA. In all circumstances, undergraduate scholarships are only available for eight (8) semesters. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 will immediately have their scholarships suspended with no grace period, this includes academic, athletic and all university based scholarships.

In the case of an academic “reset,” reinstatement of the original scholarship is never guaranteed. When an academic reset takes place the students GPA is reset to 0. If there is no established GPA, the student has one semester to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours at LTU to be re-considered for their original scholarship. They must notify the Director of Financial Aid in writing when this is accomplished to be reconsidered for their original scholarship(s).

Academic scholarships require a minimum of 12 credit hours/full time status with continued enrollment (no stop outs) with the exception of the Trustee Transfer Scholarship which can be prorated at less than full-time status. If a student stops out of LTU, scholarships are forfeited.

Scholarships are based on the availability of funds and some academic scholarships are only offered on a limited basis. LTU regulations restrict the total amount of Institutional aid a student can receive; this includes academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, resident advisor stipend/scholarship and any other combination of institutional scholarships or aid. Student athletes who receive athletic scholarships are not eligible for additional institutional scholarships including the alumni scholarship or resident advisor scholarship/stipend.  Students must refer to the initial signed letter of intent for scholarship totals. Students are allowed a maximum of (2) university based scholarships in most situations; however, some scholarships are “stand alone”. LTU reserves the right to limit and or cap any institutional aid/scholarships or combination of such.