Estimate Your Financial Aid

As you investigate your undergraduate opportunities at LTU and plan for the future, please take a moment to:

By plugging in the following information at the web address above, you can determine your estimated need for financial aid at LTU:

  • Select Federal Methodology in the “Need Analysis Methodology” field
  • Select 2010-2011 in the Use Tables for Award Year field (May have to use previous year)
  • Plug in your financial & personal information as requested (note: Home Equity is not factored in the Federal Methodology equation)
  • Plug in the appropriate Estimated School Costs:
    • Tuition $24,263• Fees $ 370
  • Room & Board $ 9,147
    • Books & Supplies $ 1,319
    • Trans To/From Home $ 1,781
    • Health Insurance $ 0
    • Incidental Expenses $ 2,077
  • Review your Total Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and compare your EFC to typical estimated award packages below.
  • You can determine your Need for Financial Aid by subtracting your EFC from the Estimated School Costs (ESC) of $38,957(Remember, scholarships must also be subtracted from School Costs to determine Need).
    Example:  ESC = $38,957
                    EFC = $ 7,000
                   Other Scholarships = $ 3,000
                   Need = $28,957
  • Your need will be met with the best possible financial aid package depending on the timing of the your application process. For Michigan Tuition Grant or Michigan Competitive Scholarship consideration, you should apply every year (complete the FAFSA) prior to March 1st. (State funding is very questionable at this time)
  • The awards listed are samples based on full availability of funds and are subject to change at any time.