Work-Study is a need-based employment opportunity given as part of your total financial aid package. A wide range of Federal Work-Study jobs exist at the university. If you were packaged with work-study you need to log into  BannerWeb  to accept the work-study offer. Then go to Career Services to look into placement options. 

Unlike other aid sources, work-study earnings will not be credited to your university bill.  Earnings are limited to a specified total award. Your individual work schedule and hourly wage will determine if you earn the total amount you were packaged. Provided you submit your time worked online you will receive a bi-weekly paycheck based on the hours worked. The hourly wage depends on the job responsibilities.

What's the difference between "work study" and "student employment"?

Both are simply jobs that you find to help pay your expenses while attending college.

Work Study is a federal program that reimburses LTU Departments part of the cost of paying student employees. You qualify by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and demonstrating a high level of financial need.

Student Employment is a recommendation that you obtain a on-campus job to pay for educational expenses that are not covered by other forms of financial aid. For information on student employment, see the Office of Career Services' webpage here: Career Services


Work Study does not mean you are paid for studying!

You must apply for an on-campus job, and satisfy the Departments requirements to be hired and retained. You receive a paycheck every other week and are responsible for using the money for educational expenses.


Advantages of work-study

One advantage of having an on-campus work-study job is that you can deduct work-study earnings from your income on the FAFSA. Another advantage is that some LTU Departments hire only work-study students.

If work-study is not in your aid offer

If you have no financial aid, or your package does not include work-study, you can still work at Lawrence Tech. Also many off-campus employers such as restaurants and retail stores hire students.

How you receive the funds

Whether you have student employment or work-study, once you have an on-campus job and begin working you will receive a paycheck every two weeks. Your earnings are NOT applied to your bill as a credit.


For questions contact the One Stop Center at 248.204.2280.

Contact the Office of Career Services