Michigan Army National Guard

Headquarters State Command Area
Michigan Army National Guard
2500 South Washington Avenue
Lansing, MI 48911-5101


The Federal Tuition Assistance (ACES) Program

The ACES Program authorizes tuition assistance not to exceed 75 percent, (50 percent if you use the State Education Reimbursement Program) with a cap of $200 per semester hour and $4,000 for the fiscal year.

You may use Federal TA with the GI Bill provided you are enrolled at least half time (six semester hours).


You are Eligible for the Program if:

• You are a member in good standing in the Army National Guard
• You are actively drilling with your unit
• You are attending a course of instruction that is included in a vocational program, associate, baccalaureate, graduate or professional degree program offered by an accredited college, university, community college, technical college or trade school
• You are maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or equivalent



Applying for the Program

• See your unit representative for an application (DA Form 2171-E)
• This is an up-front program and applications should be turned in before classes begin, but no later than the late registration period set by Lawrence Tech
• Complete the forms and send to:  Michigan Army National Guard
                                                      Education Office
                                                      2500 S. Washington Ave.
                                                      Lansing, MI 48913-5101
• A separate application must be completed for each semester



Tuition Assistance

• Once approved, DA Form 2171 is returned for you to take to the Lawrence Tech Office of Financial Aid
• Lawrence Tech will bill DANTES in Pensacola, FL - the school is paid by Dantes
• If your tuition is paid through loans, grants, etc., by the time Lawrence Tech receives payment from DANTES, Lawrence Tech will reimburse you or apply the funds to a future semester