Tuition Exchange Scholarship

Lawrence Tech is currently a member of the Tuition Exchange Program (, a consortium of over 600 colleges and universities that offer scholarships to the dependents of faculty and staff employed at member universities. Each year, Lawrence Tech will determine a number of imports to be offered a scholarship by Lawrence Tech and the number of Lawrence Tech faculty and staff dependents that may be considered as export students from Lawrence Tech. Tuition Exchange scholarships are available for undergraduate study only.

It is important to understand the Tuition Exchange Scholarships are competitive and not guaranteed. Students are not guaranteed either admission to a member institution nor the award of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship even if the student is admitted. Each institution sets their own rules about how students are selected for a Tuition Exchange Scholarship. Many schools use academic achievement as a determining factor and determine the value of the scholarships that they award.

Also, participating Tuition Exchange schools do not have the same deadline for the last date they will receive Tuition Exchange certifications for the following fall. To ensure eligibility, it is important that the eligible parent knows each school’s deadline to request certification, as there is no guarantee that a late certification will be honored by the desired institution.

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Application Procedures

EXPORTS (Dependents of Faculty/Staff from Lawrence Tech)


Dependents of qualified full-time faculty and staff enrolling in college as freshman full-time undergraduate level students are eligible to apply for participation in the Tuition Exchange Program. Dependents are defined as the biological, adopted or stepchild of a faculty or staff employee who is claimed as a dependent on the qualified parent’s tax return.


  • First time freshman
  • If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available sponsorships, the selection will be based on the length of service of the faculty/staff employee.
  • An appointed committee will review the GPA and ACT scores of the applicants if the number of requests exceeds the available number of export sponsorships
  • Employee has no other dependent child on a Tuition Exchange Scholarship

Acceptance Deadline
All export students to be sponsored by Lawrence Tech must notify Lawrence Tech by November 15 of their acceptance of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship at a member institution. A copy of the Tuition Exchange Award notice must be forwarded to the Lawrence Tech Office of Financial Aid. Students failing to provide this notice will have their certification withdrawn.

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Import Applications (Dependents of Faculty /Staff from Member Institutions)

Import applications must be submitted to Lawrence Tech from participating Tuition Exchange

Institutions by January 15 prior to the academic year for which the scholarship is requested.