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 Amal Shaba
P 248-204-3050 or 3560
O M331 or S110

Amal Shaba

Amal Shaba

Experience in Teaching (LTU and elsewhere):  LTU since 08/2006.  

Experience in Industry (years and positions): Information Technology since Oct 1995 - current

Level of Education (dates and locations): Master of Science in Software Engineering, CMU, June/2005

Areas of Interest (what do you love to teach):  Comp. SC1, Intro to Comp. Applications, and Intro to C.

Research interest. N/A


I'm a mother of two, I have two grandchildren whom I love so much and enjoy spending time with.  I enjoy the simple things in life.  I love traveling, exercising, teaching, and others.


America’s Top Colleges
Top 11% Alumni Salaries
Best in the Midwest