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Faculty + Staff

 Corinne Stavish
P 248.204.3656
E cstavish@ltu.edu
O Science Building, S227

Corinne Stavish

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication
College Professor - Director, TPC Program


Professor Stavish teaches communication and literature. She has a strong interest in Biblical literature and storytelling. In addition to being a university educator, she also has experience as a professional storyteller, communication specialist/consultant, and executive director.


Master of Arts, Speech and Performing Arts, Northeastern Illinois University

Bachelor of Science, Speech and Theatre, University of Illinois 

Honors, Award, and Memberships

Detroit Jewish Woman Artist of the Year, 2001

Mary E. and Richard E. Marburger Faculty Member of the Year Award, 1999


2012                       Four stories to be included in online Introduction to Literature book:


2010                       Guilt Trips (CD)

2010                       Sha! Don’t Tell (CD)

2006                       The Storyteller’s Companion to the Bible, (Abingdon Press) Volume on Parables,
                                wrote one-third of the stories.

2005                       Solidarity Forever: Growing Up Union (CD)

2004                       Storytelling Magazine, January/February, Guest Editor

2003                       “Holy Humor: When Risqué Becomes Risky”
                                 in Storytelling Magazine, September/October

2001                       Hussies, Harlots, Heroines: Shady Ladies of the Bible, with Barbara McBride-Smith               

2001                       “QUESTions!—The Foundation of Retelling Biblical Stories”
                                in Storytelling Magazine, May/June.

2000                       “Coming to America--Dayanu!” in Jewish Storytelling Newsletter

1997                       "Planting Tree," Article in The Apple Tree, (April)            

1996                       Seeds from Our Past: Planting for the Future, Jewish Stories

                                 and Folktales, Editor

1996                       I'd Rather Be ME! audio-cassette tape

1994                       “Forbidden Friendship” in Storytelling World

1994                       Women: Willful, Witty, Wise audio-cassette tape

1993                       “Who Can Retell?” in Jewish Family

1993                       “Slinging Stories” in Storytelling World

1993                       “Slinging Stories” in Jewish Family

1992                       Tales Through the Ages for All Ages audio-cassette tape


Scholarly Activities (includes, grant, conference presentations, etc.)

National Storytelling Festival, Jonesborough, Tenn.

International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, Tenn.

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Orem, Utah

Jackson Story Fest, Jackson, Mich.

Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa, Okla.

Jewish Retreat Institute, Cleveland, Ohio


Courses Taught

COM2103       Technical and Professional Communication

COM2113       Speech

COM3553       Interpersonal and Nonverbal Communication 

COM3563       Collaborative Communication for Leaders

LLT3453         American Literature, Reconstruction to the Present

LLT3713         Drama: Theory and History 

LLT4963         Seminar in Communication: Bible as Literature

COM6123       Professional Presentation Strategies

COM6523       Developing the Corporate Story

COM6553       Advanced Interpersonal Communication

COM6463       Team Problem Solving and Decision Making

COM7203       Technical Communication Practicum



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