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 Ragette Jawad
P 248.204.3509
O S110

Ragette Jawad

Field of Study:  TESOL (Applied Linguistics).

Education:  Jawad is an adjunct professor at Lawrence Technological University. She has taught academic ESL courses at LTU since 2012. Jawad earned a Master of Arts degree in TESOL from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, and a bachelor’s degree in English and Behavioral Sciences from University of Michigan. She also holds a teaching certificate in TESOL from the College of Teachers, UK. 

Interests:  Jawad is particularly interested in materials writing, as she strongly advocates for effective ESL coursebooks and programs of study that attract and address ESL/EFL learners’ academic and socio-cultural interests in the second language. She is also researching on the effects of today’s pluricentric English and its current impact on both TESOL instruction and learning. Apart from teaching, Jawad also enjoys traveling and exploring other cultures, browsing art galleries, and attending symphony concerts.


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