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 Jessica Long
P 248-204-3600
E jlong1@ltu.edu
O S322

Jessica Long

Natural Sciences
Adjunct Faculty
Jessica Long is an adjunct faculty member that started teaching at LTU in the Spring of 2023.
She is from Raleigh, NC, and received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from UNCG in 2017.
While completing her degree Jessica ran DI cross country and did research in the Oberlies Lab.
After a summer of research at Wake Forest University, she pursues a Master of Biotechnology
at Northwestern University. Following graduation in 2018, she started as a biology adjunct at
Malcolm X College and began work at Tempus, a precision medicine company.

In 2021 Jessica moved to Michigan to do research at UMich’s Rogel Cancer Center. In July of
2022, she joined Wayne State’s MD/PhD program. She intends to complete her doctoral
research in the Department of Cancer Biology. Though she stays busy teaching and studying,
she enjoys traveling, hiking, rock climbing, and spending time with her Airedale Terrier and
significant other when she has free time.


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