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Faculty + Staff

 Razieh (Rozie) Zangeneh
P 248.204.2573
O E40

Razieh (Rozie) Zangeneh


  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Maine
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology

Research Interests

  • Computational and Theoretical Analysis of Fluids and Gas Dynamics
  • Turbulence Modeling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Aero-Hydrodynamics and Fluid-Structure Interactions
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Leveraging Deep Learning Algorithms for Optimization

Selected Publications

  1. Zangeneh, R., 2021. "Parametric Study of Separation and Reattachment in Transonic Airfoil Flows", AIAA Journal, (pp. 1-10).
    Zangeneh, R., 2021. "Wall-modeled Large-eddy Simulation of Hypersonic Turbulent Boundary-layers", AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum, AIAA 2021-1076. 
    Zangeneh, R., 2021. "Development of a New Algorithm for Modeling Viscous Transonic Flow on Unstructured Grids at High Reynolds Numbers", Journal of Fluids Engineering, Vol. 143 (pp.  024504).
    Zangeneh, R., 2020. "Numerical Analysis of Transonic Flow around Cones", Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 10 (4)  (pp. 279).
    Zangeneh, R., 2020. "A New Framework for Modeling Shock-Turbulence Interactions", SAE International J. of Aerospace, 2020-01-5092.
    Zangeneh, R., 2020. "Evaluation of Reattaching Shear-Layer in Compressible Turbulent Flows: A Large Eddy Simulation Approach", Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting, FEDSM2020-20088.
    Zangeneh, R., 2020. "Development Of a Deep-Learning Model to Improve Large Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Flows", 5th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC), (pp. 669-679).
    Zangeneh, R., 2020. "A High-Fidelity Approach to Analyze Transonic Flow Over Cones", AIAA AVIATION 2020 FORUM, AIAA 2020-2705.

Activities And Service

  • American Physical Society (APS)
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)


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