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 Zainab Al-Salihi
P 248.204.3560
E zalsalihi@ltu.edu
O S110

Zainab Al-Salihi

Math + Computer Science
Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Level of Education:
  1. Sc in Biomedical Engineering from Al Nahrain University 2003
  2. Sc in Biomedical Engineering from Al Nahrain University 2006.
  • Experience in Teaching (LTU and elsewhere):

10 years at Salahaddin University / Electrical Engineering Dept.

 3 years at LTU / Math + Computer Science Dept.

I started teaching at LTU in 2017.


  • Areas of Interest :

Pre Calculus classes.

Intermediate Algebra / Geometry classes.

Calculus 1 classes.

Basic Electricity Lab

Digital & Analog Electronics Labs.


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