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Dr. Yongpeng Zhang
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Dr. Yongpeng Zhang

Yongpeng received his PhD in Electrical Engineering at University of Houston in 2003. From 2004 to 2018, he had been working as the Assistant and then Associate Professor at Prairie View A&M University, which is a member in Texas A&M University System. His research interests include control theory, electric machine and drive, power electronics, and mechatronics. His research has been supported by multiple grants from NSF, Army Research Office, ED, as well as industry consulting contracts.


PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Houston, 2003
MS, Electrical Engineering, Tianjin University, 1999
BS, Electrical Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, 1994

Selected Research Awards and Grants

  • Dept of Education, "Widening Implementation of Evidence-Based Pedagogies in STEM Education", Co-PI, $600,000, Duration: 2014 – 2018.
  • NSF, "Smart Grid Simulator Development for Multidisciplinary Teaching and Research", PI, $300,000, Duration: 2012 – 2018.
  • NSF, "Virtual and Remote Undergraduate Laboratory Development for Engineering Technology", PI, $100,000, Duration: 2010 – 2013.
  • 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award, "Sensor Signal Nonlinearity Compensation", PI, $30,000, Duration: 2009 – 2011.
  • Custom Power (now part of Emerson), "DSP-based PWM Controller Design for DC-AC Inverter", PI, $60,000, Duration: 2008 – 2011.
  • NSF, "Phase 3 Design, Implementation and Dissemination of Multidisciplinary Online Java-Digital Signal Processing Materials", PI, $100,000, Duration: 2008 – 2015.
  • NSF, "Engineering Technology Undergraduate Labs Enhancement with Graphical Development Tools", PI, 150,000, Duration: 2008 – 2011.
  • NSF, "Phase II Development of an Innovative Multi-Functional Smart Vibration Platform", PI, $30,000, Duration: 2007 – 2011.
  • Army Research Office, "Research and Education in Robust PAM/PWM Digital Controller Design", co-PI and then PI, $500,000, Duration: 2006 – 2010.

Selected Publications

  • L. Feng, X. Liu, Y. Zhang, "A General Criterion of Interval Time-varying Delay Power System Stability Based on Interval Fragment”, Chinese Control Conference, pp. 311-316, Dalian, China, Jul 26-28, 2017.
  • Y. Zhang, X. Peng, "Demographic Shift and its Potential Effect on Higher Education", ASEE Annual Conference & Exhibition, Columbus, OH, Jun 25-28, 2017.
  • O. Bamgbose, Y. Zhang, L. Qian, "IMP-Based Synchronization Controller for Distributed Three-Phase Inverter with Uncertain Loads", IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, pp. 683-688, Harbin, China, Aug 7-10, 2016. (Finalist for Toshio Fukuda Best Paper Award in Mechatronics)
  • O. Bamgbose, Y. Zhang, L. Qian, "Robust Controller Design and Analysis for Distributed Three-Phase Inverter Voltage Tracking", IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, pp. 2031-2036, Lijiang, China, Aug 8-10, 2015. 
  • O. Bamgbose, Y. Zhang, L. Qian, "Three-phase Inverter Synchronization Control Utilizing Internal Model Principle", IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, pp. 464-467, Las Vegas, NV, Jan 10-13, 2015.
  • J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, W. Ali, J. Fuller, L. Shieh, "Digital Controller Design for Time-delayed Bouc-Wen Hysteretic Systems", Chinese Control Conference, pp. 1868-1875, Nanjing, China, Jul 28-30, 2014.
  • L. Xie, L. Shieh, J. Tsai, Y. Zhang, "Approximated Modeling and Minimal Realization of Transfer Function Matrices with Multiple Time Delays", Journal of Process Control, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 3-11, 2013.
  • X. Meng, Y. Zhang, J. Zhang, "Multiple Input / Output Delays Compensation for Networked MIMO Systems", Chinese Control and Decision Conference, pp. 2545-2250, Guiyang, China, May 25-27, 2013.
  • J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, "Random Delay Compensation for Nonlinear Systems", International Journal of Modeling and Simulation, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 41–48, 2012.
  • W. H. Ali, Y. Zhang, P. Cofie, J. Zhang, D. Vaman, "Digital Controller Design for Analog MIMO Systems with Multiple I/O Delays", Chinese Control and Decision Conference, pp. 39-44, Taiyuan, China, May 23-25, 2012.
  • Y. Zhang, P. Cofie, A. Ajuzie, J. Zhang, C. Akujuobi, "Real-Time Random Delay Compensation with Prediction-based Digital Redesign", ISA Transactions, Vol. 50, No. 2, pp. 207-212, 2011.
  • J. Wu, L. Shieh, Y. Zhang, G. Song, "Digital Controller Design for Bouc-Wen Model with High-order Hysteretic Nonlinearities through Approximated Scalar Sign Function", International Journal of System Science, Vol. 42, No. 10, pp. 1581–1599, 2011.
  • J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, W. Ali, L. Shieh, "Linearization Modeling for Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems with Approximated Scalar Sign Function", IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference, pp. 5205-5210, Orlando, FL, Dec 12-15, 2011.
  • J. Zhang, J. Wu, Y. Zhang, F. Hopwood, "Design and Applications of an Optimal Anti-Windup Digital Controller Using Scalar Sign Function Approach", IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control, pp. 94-101, Denver, CO, Sep 28-30, 2011.
  • J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, "Optimal Linear Modeling and its Applications on Swing-up and Stabilization Control for Rotary Inverted Pendulum", Chinese Control Conference, pp. 493-500, Yantai, China, Jul 22-24, 2011.
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  • Y. Zhang, C. Akujuobi, L. Shieh, X. Gu, "Observer-based Load Disturbance Compensation for Motor Drive with DSP Implementation", IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Annual Conference, pp. 1486-1491, Raleigh, NC, Nov 6-10, 2005.
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  • Y. Zhang, L. Shieh, C. Akujuobi, W. Ali, "Digital PID Controller Design for Delayed Multivariable Systems", Asian Journal of Control, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 483-495, 2004.



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