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 Lea Wojciechowski
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Lea Wojciechowski

Lea Wojciechowski Ross has been teaching COM 2103: Technical Communication at Lawrence Tech since Fall 2016. Her two academic favorites are math and communication (both written and oral), and she finds what we call "technical communication" – specific content for a specific audience for a specific purpose – a beautiful marriage between these two favorites.

Lea grew up in Troy, Mich., went to Troy Public Schools for grades 1-12, earned her Bachelor's in Environmental Science and teaching certification in math and science from The University of Michigan in 2010, and finished her formal education with a Master's in Professional and Technical Communication from Lawrence Tech in 2012.  As a typical millennial, she has jumped around a bit in her career and very much enjoys freelance, contract, and entrepreneurial work as part of the so-called "gig economy." Besides teaching at Lawrence Tech (since Fall 2016), Lea worked for a nonprofit in DC (for two months); she has subbed in the Troy School District (on and off since 2010); she worked on a literacy/K-Job Pipeline initiative for The Engineering Society of Detroit and UAW-GM Center for Human Resources (for three years); she tutors high school and college students in math, writing, and several other subjects (for the past nine years); she co-owns the J-RO School of Music with her husband Josh (since 2015); and she's the President of the Detroit chapter of Young Catholic Professionals (since August 1, 2018 - and for the year before that was VP of Operations).

Lea feels blessed to have the opportunity to work on such an amazing variety of projects. She's always busy and always learning as much as she can in this journey of life.


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