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 Daniel Weiss
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Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss received his B.A. in English and Anthropology at Michigan State University and received his Ph.D. in English from Wayne State University in 2009. He has been teaching Composition, World Literature, and American Literature at Macomb Community College since 2011 and World Literature and The West in Film and Literature at Lawrence Tech University since 2014. He has a handful of academic publications that range on topics that include James Fenimore Cooper, William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy framed by studies of violence, the American Tradition, slave history, and psychoanalytic theory. He is a regular presenter at the American Literature Association/Popular Culture Association Conference in Albuquerque, NM. He has a published novel (2004) and lives with his wife and three children in West Bloomfield, MI. He continues to develop his teaching and research pursuits. More information is available at


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