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Anirban Adhya

Department of Architecture
Associate Professor

Anirban Adhya, PhD is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design. Anirban, through his teaching, scholarship, and service, focuses on the theoretical, methodological and systemic dimensions of architecture in the city. His work connects, and extends, domains of urban ecology, spatial typology, and everyday urbanism, with critical positions on human-nature interaction, ecological well-being, and social ethics. Major research foci include processes of metropolitan restructuring and design responses, comparative principles and practices of urbanism, and the problem of publicness in architecture and urban design. As an urban design expert, Anirban has served locally consulting groups and communities in Buffalo NY, Warren MI and Seattle WA. As a winner of the Fulbright Specialist award (2019-2024), he has shared his knowledge globally working with institutions in Costa Rica, India, and Italy.

Anirban’s recent book, Shrinking Cities and First Suburbs: The Case of Detroit and Warren, Michigan (Palgrave: 2017), captures his interest in the evolving dynamics of the Detroit Metropolitan Area. His studio works and writing have been published in Sustainability and the City: Urban Poetics and Politics (Rowman & Littlefield: 2017) Architecture and Sustainability: Critical Perspectives (ACCO: 2015), Inhabiting Everyday Monuments (Lulu: 2014), Terrain Vague: Interstices at the Edge of the Pale (Routledge: 2013), Urban Design International (2013), The Urban Wisdom of Jane Jacobs (Routledge: 2012), and Volume Magazine (Archis: 2009). Anirban’s design work has been recognized in Memorials of the Future Competition and Exhibition (USA: 2016, semi-finalist) and in the Queen City in the 21st Century: Buffalo Comprehensive Plan (Buffalo: 2006, CNU2009 award). His projects have been funded by Institute for Humane Studies, Coleman Foundation, and American Institute of Architects.

Anirban holds a doctoral degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan (PhD), a professional architecture degree from the University at Buffalo – State University of New York (MArch), and another professional architecture degree from India (BArch).


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