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 Asaad Istephan
P 248.204.3600
E aistephan@madonna.edu

Asaad Istephan

Natural Sciences
Adjunct Faculty
Istephan has been an adjunct professor in the physics department in Arts and Science at LTU since 1998 . He teaches college physics courses and geology in the undergraduate program. He is also a member of the faculty in the Master of Science Education program and has been teaching the courses of Meteorology and Geology.

He received his Bachelor's degree in Physics from Liverpool University in England and his Master of Science and PhD in Meteorology and Applied Climatology from Birmingham University in England. He is a full time professor of Physical and Applied Science at Madonna University. Dr. Istephan has worked as a senior scientific researcher at the Solar Energy Research Center. He has published 50 scientific papers in solar meteorology, atmospheric physics, environmental pollution and astronomy. He served on the World Meteorological Organization Executive Committee panel of experts in education and training.


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