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Lusine Hambardzumyan
Clinical Counselor

Student Affairs

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 Lusine Hambardzumyan

Background + Expertise

I received my M.S/ B.S. in Psychology from Yerevan State University, with postgraduate training and specialization in Medical Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy. I successfully completed the three stage advance PTSD training “Helping Children in Distress,” organized by UNICEF (September 1995, October 1996 and October 1997). I have previous clinical, teaching, and research experience working at Yerevan State University in the department of Psychology, and at Yerevan State Medical University in the department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology. I have published 13 professional articles in Armenia, Russia and Switzerland. One of the articles was presented at the Sixth European Congress of Psychology (Italy, July 1999). Currently, I hold positions as the Counseling Psychologist in Counseling and Support Services at University of Michigan (Dearborn) and I am also a part-time Clinical Counselor here at LTU. I use my clinical experience and knowledge to provide mental health professional services to students who experience different emotional, personal, developmental and cultural issues and problems. When working with students, I help them develop and implement effective coping skills and strategies to have healthy and meaningful personal growth.

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