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 Masataka Yoshikawa
P 248.204.2843
E myoshikaw@ltu.edu
O A155

Masataka Yoshikawa

Department of Architecture
Assistant Professor of Practice

Masataka Yoshikawa is a design professional at PLY+ architecture, urbanism, design where he researches, designs, and fabricates. He handles residential to institutional projects, and St. Mary Chapel that he oversaw design and construction of exterior brick façade won a number of state, national and international awards. He has also worked at Flying Elephant Studio in Bangalore, India among other design studios.

Yoshikawa earned a Master of Architecture (2017) from the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. His Master of Architecture Thesis has been published along with other’s work in “Architectural Design (AD) Emerging Talents – Training Architects” (Wiley, 2021), “Dimensions 31” (the University of Michigan, 2018), and “Gradient Journal” (the University of Michigan, 2019). His most recent work, Altered Carbon, was awarded the Gensler Award for Best Digital/Hybrid Media from AIA Dallas Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition 2021.

His research interrogates the contemporary design process and the role of architects’ design sensibility in this digital era by establishing a design workflow using 3D simulations & modeling, and physical & virtual models through VR, MR, and digital fabrication tools.






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