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 Irfana  Muqbil
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Irfana Muqbil

Natural Sciences
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Irfana Muqbil received her PhD in Biochemistry from Aligarh Muslim University, India.  During her PhD, she worked on understanding the effect of restraint on chemically induced carcinogenesis in rats and determining the ways to reverse it using chemopreventive agents. Her research focused on evaluation of oxidative stress and DNA damage on serum and tissue samples of rats. During her PhD she received Junior and Senior Research Fellowships from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Dr. Muqbil joined the translational lab of Professor Ramzi Mohammad in the Department of Oncology at Wayne State University (WSU) for postdoctoral research. Her work was centered on targeting pathways involved in difficult to treat malignancies particularly pancreatic cancer and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  She worked on testing novel drugs that can block cancer promoting proteins through the inhibition of nuclear transport protein XPO1 which is found to be over expressed in many cancers including pancreatic cancer. Her work led to substantial and meaningful progress towards developing some improved clinical modalities for patient care.

In 2017, during her research postdoc Dr. Muqbil received Postdoctoral Training Fellowship through NIH funded BUILD grant which involved teaching at a consortium institute, University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) and continuing research at Wayne State University. During her fellowship she taught different chemistry lecture courses and Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) lab. Towards the end of two-year fellowship Dr. Muqbil was offered instructor position in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at university of Detroit mercy. In this position she continued to teach the CURE lab and other upper level chemistry courses.

Dr. Muqbil joined Lawrence Technological University in the fall ‘21 and is teaching GOB and upper level biochemistry lecture and lab courses. In the current position Dr. Muqbil will continue her cancer research directing it more towards the less explored field of Pancreatic cancer induced cachexia. About 80% of pancreatic cancer patients develop cachexia and one third of them die due to this debilitating syndrome rather than cancer itself and the limited amount of research in this field has not led to any substantial biomarkers. Her research will be focused on identifying and targeting circulatory biomarkers in pancreatic cancer induced cachexia. Due to her experience and continued interest in CURE she will also continue to develop and teach CURE labs at undergraduate level. She has published her work in several peer reviewed journals and serves as a reviewer for many journals in her field.

When she is not teaching or doing research Dr. Muqbil likes going on long walks or hikes with her husband and two kids. She also enjoys cooking.


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