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Dr. Hao Jiang
P 248.204.2534
E hjiang@ltu.edu
O E106B

Dr. Hao Jiang

Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jiang received his BS degree in electronics from Peking University (Beijing, China) in 2005, and the MESc and PhD. degree in electrical engineering from Western University (London, Ontario) in 2007 and 2011, respectively. His Ph.D. research was on nano-biosensors for detecting blood cancers and lung cancers based on gold nanoparticle arrays.

He has worked as a MITACS postdoctorate research fellow at University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia) during 2012. Dr. Jiang studied non-linear effects and optical trapping of biomecules using optical antenna. During year 2013-19, he has worked as a postdoctorate research fellow at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, British Columbia). He has invented and patented a portfolio of technologies on structural color image display devices based on nano-optical metasurfaces.

His research works have enabled high-throughput patterning of nanostructures for commercial applications, including optical security features and collectible Nano-Arts. These works have been published in journals and highlighted in news stories. In 2014, Dr. Jiang co-founded NanoMeida Solutions Inc. (a start-up technology company based in Vancouver, British Columbia) with a co-worke and has served as the chief technology officer.

Dr. Jiang's research interests include: biomedical sensors, nanotechnology, optics, electronics, computational electromagnetics.


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